Nunavut, Canada

Yesterday, the skype call we did was with Mrs. Pemik. We learned a lot about where she lives. They get around by plane, boat, four-wheeler, and rarely car. Rarely car because they don’t have roads between towns. You would have to fly to get to town to town. In the summer they ride boats to get to towns also.

The weather there is quite cold. In October winter starts and in June it ends. Their summer last about four months. About the highest they have in the summer is 75°F. They have no trees because of the Arctic climate.

Nunavut is actually pronounced like NOON-a-voot. Nunavut covers 1/3 of Cananda. Nunavut also has three time zones. The time zones are Mountain time zone, Central time zone, and Eastern time zone. Most people of Nunavut live around the Hudson Bay. Nunavut is the most Northern Territory.

Polar Bear walking on rocks. Photo by

The capital and the largest city is Iqaluit. The population of Iqaluit is 7,000. The total population of Nunavut is 37,000. Arviat is second largest city. The temperature on March 13th was -25°. They also hunted and fished.

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  2. Hey! I loved reading your post! It is interesting, and I learned a lot. Keep up the good work. Although everything you said about Nunavut is interesting, I would not like to live there. I do not like the cold. Do you enjoy the cold?

    • Hi! I do not like the cold weather. I only like summer spring, and fall. I would love to visit Nunavut, Canada.


  3. Hi Kennedy,
    My name is Hannah Dickerson, and I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I am studying to be a math teacher. You did a very good job with this post. I would love to visit Canada, it sounds like a interesting place to visit. Would you like to visit there? I think it is awesome that you guys do Skype calls. I hope you have a great week. Thanks for letting me read your blog.

    Hannah Dickerson
    EDM310 student

    • Hi Hannah,
      I would like to visit Canada. It is really fun Skyping with other people around the world.


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